If you need art or stories done for you, you’ve come to the right place!

Story/Writing commissions:

Hello, my name is Underscore, the author of Nox the fox, and other stories within the NTF universe. I pride myself on making my stories the best they can be, and if you have an idea for a story, I can help you create it, or I can create it for you! Please take a look at some of our articles on writing (coming soon) first, as they will certainly come in handy!

Need help writing a story? I can help you along the way, or take a look at what you’ve already written, while others may charge an outrageous price per hour, I don’t charge for the first hour, and after that, its only $15.00/Hr. But depending on how many pages you’re working with, I’m willing to adjust the price. 🙂

Need an entire story written? Well, you are in luck! All I need from you is the setting, plot and characters. Use the handy form below to email us what you need and we can negotiate prices (Minimum of $15/Hr).

Art commissions:

Hi there! I’m Tilde, the artist of Nox the Fox. I’m mostly self-taught and I work with both digital and traditional media. What’s the price for a commission? We start at $5 for a super simple sketch, you can also check our Etsy commissions page!

Need a character drawn or an idea made into reality? Whether it’s NTF related or not, I can draw most things in my style or a style that you can show me.

Use the form below to send me a description of what you want. Being as thorough and clear as possible is a must. Optionally you can send me examples of poses, characters and styles that look like what you want or that can help inspire me. If you’re just looking to get an idea going, I can help with that too and we can talk it over, although there will be an extra charge for concept consulting time.

Process: There will be an upfront payment for the sketching phase. Then I will create a sketch and send it back for approval, it’ll be small and only the basic idea will be shown. When that’s approved, I will start working on the final version or an intermediate version if the design takes a lot of time. Depending on the scope of the project, I will continue giving watermarked small versions of the final product for approval. I will require payment before the finalized files are sent over.

Contracts and copyrights can be discussed up front. We reserve the rights to the works created by us by default, we can review other options and agree on pricing/royalties. We can discuss ‘Work for Hire’, but it’s not by default. By commissioning us, you agree with our Art Terms (link coming soon).

Many types of art are possible, such as: Full comic pages, traditional paints, logo/branding, merchandise design and small scale creation.

If you have any other questions or requests, feel free to use this form or the form on the contact page. We can voice act, help brainstorm, give honest and kind life advice,