Nox the Fox #1.1 Silver Alloy (Extended, Comic)


Nox has vowed to become a hero after his tragic past, but will he be able to keep his friends safe when danger start to follow him?

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Nox the Fox #1.1 Silver Alloy Edition. Contains 4 more pages than the Convention Edition. Part 1 of the first arc.

Completely independent and self-published. Thick cover paper, bold colors and high quality print, a must-have for comic readers and collectors.

Find yourself drawn into a new universe where everything isn’t as it seems. A world where peace is only at the surface. This is where it all starts to fall apart, the facade is broken, Nox is thrown into danger and must safe himself and his friends. But this is only the beginning… What more could be hiding behind the cover-ups and scandals of the city’s biggest and most powerful corporation?

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Nox the Fox #1.1 ships in a Gemini mailer and a mylar sleeve to make sure the comic arrives in pristine condition. Free shipping all over the USA.

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Nox the Fox will continue shortly in part 2 and then arc 2. There are at least 50 chapters ready to be drawn so there’s enough to look forward to for a while!

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