An Introduction to Blogs on Slashventures

Slashventures blogs…

Something suddenly comes to mind and you want to tell someone about it. Why is that, and what is the best way to do it?

When we watch a good movie or learned something new from a DIY video, why do we feel the need to share that immediately?

It’s innate to relate and communicate. We’re all wired that way, whether we’re labeled introvert or extrovert.

For a long time it’s just been me and my husband relaying ideas back and forth, sometimes learning new things together like gardening… But now is the time to expand that social circle. It’s time to share what we learned with you guys.

That’s why we’re posting blogs here. Sharing little odd bits of information for you to find through your search engine. Hopefully scratching an itch for knowledge of things you’ve always wanted to know. Or just the random “Hey Google” question that you never really expected an answer for.

What can you expect to find here? Advice, tips, short stories, art related information, tutorials, brainstorms, streams, debates, interviews and more. We are a writer and artist couple making comics, after all, so most things will be related to that. Although life is more complicated than that, so recipes, reviews, DIY and gardening might also pop up.

It’s going to be interesting for sure.

If you want to pitch an idea for us to write about, let us know here: